Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Arrival and Day 1: Steph

It's almost impossible to put into words all that we have experienced since leaving Indy on Friday, but, we are going to try anyway. :)  Joe and I are going to blog together because in most things we experience together we have very hilariously different interpretations and perceptions of things so we sincerely hope that you enjoy reading about our crazy Indian adventure. 

Steph and Joe

Steph's day 1:

We left on Friday from Chicago O'Hare and flew into Munich.  The flight was wonderful for me, I drank wine and then slept the rest of the way (I am my mother's daughter).  In Munich I had a pretzel, sausage, and beer, took a nap and then jumped on another plane to Delhi. 

In the Dehli airport you wouldn't even know you were in a different country, but as soon as you stepped out...oh my.  There were so many sounds, sights, and smells to take in all at once it was absolutely insane.  I would love to bottle it all up to take home and share with you but I am absolutely convinced that such a bottle would burst.  There is poverty right next to incredible wealth, beautiful countryside but litter strewn about everywhere, and most of all there was traffic.  At first I thought that Indians had a lot of road rage the way everyone was honking, but I've come to realize it's just a form of echo location.  You honk and that means here I come, move.  Despite the numerous close calls (one involving me as a pedestrian and a motorcyclist speeding right at me, take a deep breath mom and dad I'm ok) I haven't seen any major disasters (hopefully it stays that way). 

In Delhi, we were greeted by a program coordinator who later took us to a train to our first week's location, Dehradun.  The train station was my first experience being in a large Indian crowd, and I quickly realized that I stood out like a sore thumb with my pasty skin and long blonde hair.  I apparently also wasn't the only one who realized this because it seemed that everyone was just staring at me.  It made me feel awkward and out of place and really just terrible.  Although I want everyone to be happy and healthy I wish that we all had the chance to feel that way at least once in our lives.  It quickly makes you reflect on how you treat minorities in your own home country.

On the train my stigmatized status turned to celebrity status as the woman and little girl next to me began intensely quizzing me about everything American and offered me biscuits and tea.  Also, a somewhat uncomfortable experience, but much preferred to endless gawking.

We finally made it to Dehradun and had our first dinner at our homestay.  Spicy and delicious, I was in heaven.  The next day we ventured into the clinics but I will save that for another blog for now I am just happy and in love with India.


  1. Yea!! So glad you are blogging! I can't wait to hear more!

  2. Sounds awesome!! Eat some Indian food for me! Can't wait to read the next one1

  3. Hi Steff,
    I had fun reading about your adventures. Have fun, be safe, enjoy the food.

  4. This sounds all so awesome, Steph! I didn't even know you were going to India! I CANNOT wait to see pictures! Live it up, girl! I love this blog by the way. :)

  5. Hi Steffi,

    ich freue mich für dich und joe, habt eine wunderbare zeit zusammen. dickes drückerchen geli