Monday, 18 April 2011


We went to Rishikesh on Saturday for the day.  It was a pretty low-key trip in all; we took a bus there and back from Dehradun.  Rishikesh is located on the Ganges, which is extremely beautiful.  I was actually supremely surprised to see that the Ganges was not as polluted as I would have originally thought (the rest of India is a giant, unorganized landfill).  They say that the water of the Ganges has the power to cleanse you of your sins, so Steph and I took our shoes off and stepped into the water for a bit.  It felt great, as it was easily in the 90's in Rishikesh. 

I'm going to keep this pretty short, because I'm not feeling too hot.  I woke up at least 10 times last night and had to exercise a bacterial bowel cleanse, so to speak.  I think I actually have Montezuma's Revenge -- so I started taking cipro last night.  For some reason, our homestay cannot understand that I don't want to eat anything right now -- she seems completely offended by my lack of appetite. 

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